Jack Inacker, October 20th 2022, Speech delivered at the Jan 6 Justice: Our Freedom, Our Vote Rally in Philadelphia, PA.

Jack Inacker
3 min readOct 25, 2022


Jack Inacker speaking at Rally for the Pact Act; Philadelphia, PA.

Good Afternoon, my name is Jack Inacker. I’m a Veteran of the United States Air Force, and I served as a Nuclear Weapons Systems Specialist during 9/11. I am a committee person 18th Ward, the Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Veterans Caucus, but most importantly I’m a husband and father of two beautiful children. And Like you, I want my children to grow up in an America where every vote counts.

My family knows how precious democracy is, By the grace of god my Great Grandfather escaped the spread of fascism across Europe. They settled in a small rowhome on Ontario Street in Kensington. I’d like to tell you that America has succeeded in forming our more perfect union since when my family settled here but the echos of America’s racist past continue to reverberate with us, in our schools, our economy and especially our politics

You see, January 6th isn’t the first Insurrection that our nation has endured. In 1863 following the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation the Governor of New York used the press to stoke the fears of white dockworkers. They convinced them that their livelihoods would be taken by newly emancipated Black Americans. A lawless mob thirty thousand White Supremacists armed themselves with knives and bats and guns. They spent nearly a week terrorizing and murdering Black Americans in the former capital of the United states. Their cowardly actions resulted in a tragic loss of life, and it took the overwhelming force of the United States Army to finally quell the riots.

Just like January 6th; A demagogue used lies, to stoke fear in order to to steal the lives and votes of black and brown americans.

Since January 6th MAGA Republicans have been hard at work tearing down the walls of our democracy. Nineteen states have enacted thirty-three laws that systematically make it harder for young people, minorites and the poor to vote and they want more.

The MAGA Republican candidate for Governor, Doug Mastriano was there on January 6th and was never been held accountable. He is an extremist that wants to take away a woman’s right to an abortion, even in cases of Rape and Incest. He surrounds himself with traitors, conspiracy theorists and has paid thoustands of dollars to advice of neo-nazis. The confederate uniform he put on at the army war college for picture day wasn’t a costume. Believe people when they tell you who they are.

The fact is Doug Mastriano is saying the quiet part out loud. Dr Oz would vote the same exact way if he was given the chance. Thankfully we have outstanding candidates in Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Lt. Governor John Fetterman who are going to not give an inch to their maga facist agenda. Philadelphia Deserves better. Pennsylvania deserves better. Unions deserve better. Working families deserve better.

After years in the military I can tell you this; Our Democracy isnt preserved by our tanks, our planes or our bombs. Our Democracy is preserved by a committee person holding their baby in one arm and a clipboard in the other while turning out the vote. Our Democracy is preserved by an election workers that take the day off from work to spend 12 hours manning the polls. Our Democracy is preserved every time we choose candidates that share our values. Our Democracy is preserved by our elected officials standing up to Donald Trump and Maga Republicans who launched a criminal conspiracy to lie, cheat and steal the presidency away and we’re going to hold every single one of them responsible

Our Democracy is preserved every time we vote. So we better be damned sure to vote on November 8th.

Thank you.

Jack Inacker, a graduate of the master of public policy program at Temple University, is a veteran, father, chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Veterans Caucus and a committeeperson in the 18th Ward.